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LPM, Los Putos Makinas, is a collective of jugglers, all graduates from ESACTO-Lido Circus School based in Toulouse. Initially co-founded around the trio PITI PETA HOFEN SHOW with Andres Torres Diaz, Lucas Castelo Branco and Johannes Bauhofer. This all-terrain show has been presented over 200 times worldwide, since 2017. Juan Duarte Mateos joined the crew for the creation of TUTTI FRUTTI, released in 2020.

More recently, Gonzalo Fernandez Rodriguez joined LPM for the duo PETROLEO. LPM's signature style is high energy comedy used in service of satire purposes. In the burlesque register, we cohabit in the world of the absurd to denounce the inconsistencies that condition our lives.


PITI a.k.a. Lucas

Originally from Brazil, in 2007 he discovered juggling and immediately fell in love, specializing in ball juggling. While still in Brazil, he trained at the Crescer e Viver circus school and attended the Angel Vianna contemporary dance course in Brazil. Then, in 2013, he joined Toulouse's Centre des Arts du Cirque Le Lido. That same year, he began dancing hiphop. In 2016, he joined the Nicanor de Elia company in the COPYLEFT and JUVENTUD projects. Lucas is also one of the co-creators of PITI PETA HOFEN SHOW and TUTTI FRUTTI.

HOFEN a.k.a. Hannes

Born in a remote corner of southern Germany, Hofen began his circus career at the age of 5. Hofen graduated from CODARTS in Rotterdam (Holland), then from Le Lido in Toulouse as an acrobat and juggler (clubs). He has always known how to make his circus more extreme through the different sports he excels at, climbing, bike training and osteopathy on cats. In 2016 he joined the Carré Blanc company and in 2017 he created the PITI PETA HOFEN SHOW with the LPM company. Recently, he participated in the creation of, and is still performing in, the LPM company's wacky show TUTTI FRUTTI, premiering at Les Européennes de Cirque de La Grainerie in October 2020.

PETA a.k.a Andres

Originally from Extremadura in Spain, he began circus in 2012, training at the Carampa circus school in Madrid, where he was inspired by destructive robots and enjoys bending anything that passes through his hands.Immediately afterwards, he joined the Lido school in Toulouse, where he continued his research into Hooke's law as applied to juggling rings.He has traveled three continents with the PITI PETA HOFEN SHOW, preaching the values of LPM. He is also creator and performer of TUTTI FRUTTI, as well as the recent PETROLEO.

NERUDA a.k.a Juan

Born in Uruguay, raised in Brazil and professionalized in France, Neruda is passionate about juggling in all its forms. His favorite object is his contact ball. He owes his nickname to his love of words, his ability to transform reality through the spoken word and his unshakeable charisma. These qualities enable him to more or less pretend he's acting. After six years of self-taught, relentless juggling, he joined the Lido in 2013. As well as being a member of the LPM collective for the show TUTTI FRUTTI, he also works with the Nicanor de Elia company on the COPYLEFT and JUVENTUD projects, in SOUL SAFARI EXPERIENCE with the Little Garden company and in PERFECT TIMING with the WCS company.

Carotte a.k.a Caro

The French girl in the gang studied social, cultural and territorial sciences - which meant she could do everything and nothing at the same time. She specialized in the field... Instinctively, she approached the LPMs, attracted by their unrivalled aura of light. Together, they quickly saw common prospects for development. Alongside them, she became a "coach and facilitator for company structuring and development strategy, affiliated with production and distribution", or vulgarly "production and distribution manager"

EMPANADA a.k.a Gon

He's chic, he's coquettish, he's fresh but caliente à l'espagnole! He comes straight out of the Lido in 2015 with the solo TENSEGRITY with which he performs in various galas across Europe. In 2016 he created the Stoptoï company with Neta Oren. They created their show LOOP in 2018. He also works with the Nicanor de Elia company on the street show COPYLEFT and with the juggling manifesto JUVENTUD, which premiered in March 2021. And he spreads his colorful, vivid energies within LPM with the duo PETROLEO.

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