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An apocalyptic tale of the last two defenders of oil and plastic on Earth.

50 minutes | all audiences | creation salle 2023 (precise technical requirements, lighting and aerial)

Immersed in a tide of plastic, we are led to the very essence of the ring as an object. We will lose ourselves in its immensity. As we go along, the space will be transformed. The emptiness of the stage will be replaced by plastic and colour. The hoops will become more and more important until we are swallowed up by their very presence. Could this be a laboratory in which we create and destroy, where we see ourselves as the horsemen of a universe we don't end up controlling?

The show itself is intended to be a living testimony to the study of the hoop and the exploration of the infinite possibilities offered by this object. The performers weave stories and situations on stage with the same naturalness and illusion as the children playing.

Andres Torres Diaz & Gonzalo Fernández Rodriguez

Lighting design: Clément Devys
Artistic accompaniment: Julien Mandier, Juan Duarte Mateos & Lucas Castelo Branco

• A show supported by La Région Occitanie, creation aid


Financial support for creation: La Central del Circ, Barcelone (ES) - Le PRATO, Pôle National de Cirque, Lille (59-FR) - DYNAMO Worspace, Odense (DK) - El Invernadero, Madrid (ES) - Kim Cook Studio, California (USA) - ARCHAOS, Pôle National de Cirque de Marseille (13-FR) - Residencies: La Central del Circ, Barcelona (ES) - DYNAMO Worspace, Odense (DK) - CIRCa, Pôle National de Cirque, Auch (32-FR) - El Invernadero, Madrid (ES) - La Maison de la Culture de Tournai (BE) - ARCHAOS, Pôle National de Cirque de Marseille (13-FR) - CECO Guatemala, Madrid (ES) - Konvent, Berga (ES) - Circusbende, Amsterdam (ND)

Sponsor and partner : Play Juggling

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