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The show itself will be a living testimony to this study. Little by little, the public and ourselves will discover the infinite possibilities offered by this object. Our characters are a version of ourselves, nourished by the happiness and enthusiasm that we have truly experienced over the years as we delve into this world of juggling. We will weave stories and situations on stage with the same naturalness and the same illusion as the children who play. We want to bring this object to unsuspected limits, and make the public complicit in our obsession.



We will rely on the puppet to push the expressive limits of this universe. Until we can't go any further, and when we believe that we can't go any further ...

... The new magic will come and show us how wrong we were.


We will be immersed in a plastic tide that will lead us to the very essence of this object, losing us in its immensity.

As the show progresses, the space will be transformed. The emptiness of the stage will be replaced by plastic and color. The hoops are going to become more and more important until we are engulfed by their own presence. It could be seen as a laboratory in which we create and destroy, where we see ourselves as the riders of a universe that we don't end up controlling.

Duration: 50 minutes

Tout public



Technical aspects

• Boîte noire et obscurité totale

• Accroches pour aérien

• Dimension plateau : 10m ouverture,

8m profondeur, 7m hauteur, 180 degrés max


Prix de cession : 2 100 €

Prix de pré-achat : 1 800 €


> accueillir notre 1ère française en septembre/octobre 2023

> des dates de diffusion en Occitanie

> des pré-achats et cessions

> des apports financiers de coproduction

> 4 à 5 semaines de résidence en 2023 :

• entre le 5 et le 25 mars

• entre le 10 et le 16 avril

• à partir de septembre (pour les premières exploitations)

From and with: Andres Torres Diaz et Gonzalo Fernandez

Sound and Music creation : Andrès Torres Diaz

Light creation : Clément Devis

Régie Technique : Jésus Aragones / Gaston Parraga

Coproductions : La Central del Circ, Barcelone (ES) Le PRATO, Pôle National de Cirque, Lille (59-FR) • DYNAMO Worspace, Odense (DK)

Residences : La Central del Circ, Barcelone (ES) DYNAMO Worspace, Odense (DK) • CIRCa, Pôle National de Cirque, Auch (32-FR) • El Invernadero, Madrid (ES) La Maison de la Cutlure de Tournai (BE) • ARCHAOS, Pôle National de Cirque de Marseille (13-FR) • CECO Guatemala, Madrid (ES) Konvent, Berga (ES)

Mécène : Play Juggling

1ère : 25-27 août 2023 au Festival Circusbende, Amsterdam

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