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PITi peta hofen show

3 countries, 3 jugglers, 3 objects. 45 minutes filled with humor, craziness and secret techniques never seen before by a human audience. 3 characters live in an absurd universe, with contradictory logics where stupidity reigns and juggling is the mother tongue. The Piti Peta Hofen Show is a mix of 3 completely different personal styles, showed through theatre, improvisation and the obsession of objects. This show is adaptable to any place and any thinkable circumstance such as rain, gale or erupting volcanoes.

The show is based on extreme poetry. A style of dramaturgy where the notion of improvisation and acting are mixed in a dimension of creative chaos.

The show was created in 2017, as a product of a visceral need of the three artists after their graduation at the “Centre des Arts du Cirque de Toulouse – Le Lido”. The creation was self-produced by the Cie. LPM and had it's premiere at the Festival Circumnavigando (IT). Since then it has gained great acceptance by various audiences, both young and old, families or loners, animals or religious people, but above all unemployed artists.


Delivering smiles and great moments of happiness anywhere the show is performed. Lighting the darkness, guiding us on the right path, cleaning the garbage from the streets and helping the patchamama to breathe the oxygen of art.

- Are you listening? ... It is the heart of planet Earth beating to the rhythm of PITI PETA HOFEN!

"The most noteworthy of the invitational shows was Compagnie LPM’s “Piti Peta Hofen,” so stunningly creative and so ruthlessly high-energy – described by many as “a 45-minute manic episode” – that the audience couldn’t help but release a minute-long ovation right in the middle of the show"

Richard Hartnell - Review European Juggling Convention 2017

- Public Prize @ FITT Noves Dramaturgies 2019

- Best Interpreter Prize @ FITT Noves Dramaturgies 2019

By Lucas Castelo Branco, Andres Torres Diaz and Johannes Bauhofer

Lenght: 45min

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