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Tutti Frutti1 is omnipresent and omnipotent. He is around us and in the depths of our souls aswell. Before our eyes, we will see Tutti Frutti2 assume the form of a tonic and swirling mixture of four circus artists with super capacities, a sort of fruit salad of improbable ingredients3, well watered by spontaneity and absurd logic. This explosive formula allows the spectators to experience moments of strong dramatic intensity, a joyful and liberating humor, which makes people laugh but sometimes also cringe.

We will accompany bourgeoisie amusing themselves in a castle, an army of bananas who are training to save the world, a charlatan who thinks he is a spiritual guide, or quite simply four excited freaks who tamper with plastic objects. Tutti Frutti4 is also a permanent and frantic quest to gain Power5.


With their unwavering charisma, these individuals place themselves at the center of the contradictions of our society and deconstruct them from within. All done with the signature style of the LPM company, Extreme Poetry6.



Thank you and see you soon

The LPM Team



1 Tutti Frutti is a very good show

2 A very good show to say the least.

3 In this kind of engaged cartoon, there will be object manipulation, but also acrobatics, hip-hop, stunts, magic, cinema, quick-changing, visual arts, kung fu, hypnotism, rock climbing, bike training, capoeira, cumbia, graffiti and homeopathy.

4 When we say it's a good show, we are not exaggerating.

5 From popular Latin potere, power. Power is the faculty, ability, material possibility, or permission to do something. Power designates the legal capacity to do a thing, to act for another for which one has received a mandate.

6 For example, Extreme Poetry is feasting on the beauty of the flight of a scarf held in the air by the exhaust of a chainsaw.

By: Johannes Bauhofer, Lucas Castelo Branco, Andres Torres Diaz and Juan Duarte Mateos

Accompaniment: Studio de Toulouse - PACT (Pépinière des Arts du Cirque Toulousaine), dispositif mutualisé ESACTO - Grainerie and Espace Catastrophe (BE)

Aid to structuration and developpment: Marie Laurence Sakael

Aid to creation: Région Occitanie Pyrénées Méditerranée and Département de la Haute-Garonne

Outside Eye and aid in dramaturgie: Marie Céline Daubagna

Costumes creation: Ana Kemp
Light Designer: Alrik Reynaud
Lights and Sound Technician: Richard Pulford

Coproductions: CLAPS Spetaccolo dal Vivo and Teatro Comunula Città di Vicenza

Support: ESACTO Lido, La Grainerie, Maison des Jonglages, Association Sarabanda, École de Cirque Piste d'Azur, Centre Culturel Théâtre des Mazades, Théâtre Marcel Pagnol, Villeneuve Tolosane, Playjuggling, Association La Virgule, Théâtre du Grand Rond, MJC de Montastruc, Théâtre Le Pari, Théâtre Sorano, Dyamo Workspace and La Verrerie d'Alès Pole National Cirque Occitanie.

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